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page for fans of evolutionary psychology and eager participants of web based questionnaires

This page belongs to the research team from Faculty of Sciences, Charles University in Prague and is We focus on evolutionary psychology and we're often in search of volunteers willing to participate in our research by filling some of our web-based tests and questionnaires. If you agree to volunteer in our research, you'll be informed about ongoing research conducted by our research team as well as about our published results. How can you participate?

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  3. Join us as a scientific researcher. We are looking for colleagues that are willing to cooperate with us with our research, from statistical analysis to final publications.
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Current experiments:

Does pet (dog or cat) in a family influence personality and health of the family members? This is a shorter (about 25 min) questionnaire about dogs, cats, health status and personality. We need the data not only from those with dogs or cats in family, but also from subjects without animals. You can start the test HERE

Influence of Rh blood group on human life – Does a blood group, especially the Rh factorc impact health, personality and performance? This is a complex test containing not only a health questionnaire, but also several computer tests measuring participants’ memory, reaction time, psychomotor performance, intuition and intelligence. At the end of the test the participants will be shown the result of some tests. For us, the most important data are those from people who know their Rh (Rhesus) blood group. Therefore, if you have this information written somewhere, please check it before you start the test. Any other curious people can also take part in the study, of course. Experiment takes about 30-40 minutes. You can start the test HERE

Atractivenes and niceness - Which personality properties do people think to prefer in their partners and which do they prefer in fact? What biological factors influence individual preference? Participants are invited to rate 3 properties of 40 male and 40 female photos and also fill in the questionnaire about their preferences and about themselves. It is necessary to rate all 3 properties. Therefore the test could take 30-60 minutes! (Sorry about this). At the end of the study the participants are shown some preliminary results of this study performed on a population of Czech people. You can start the test HERE

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