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This study is organized by evolutionary biologists from the Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague. The goal of the present study is to search for associations between various biological factors, including age, gender, and health, and human preferences. We want to know, for example, which properties of a potential partner are considered attractive by young subjects, happy subjects, subjects with bad health, females in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle etc. Some groups are rare; therefore we need to gain information from as many responders as possible. Please, share the link to this questionnaire with your friends, for example on Facebook. The questionnaire is anonymous and obtained data will be used exclusively for scientific purposes. Your cooperation on the project is voluntary and you can terminate it at any time by closing this web page.

Press F11 key to make rating photos more convenient. It is necessary to rate all three properties of 80 photos. Therefore, work quickly – 3 seconds per photo is the optimal rate. During the session do not use the “Refresh/Reload” and “Back” buttons.

Please, fill in following data that are necessary for running the test.

Your body height (cm):
Your body weight (kg):
Do you currently have a long term partner?
Natural eye color: rather bluerather brown
Natural hair color: rather lightrather dark